What’s That? A Superstar? Yeah ….

That’s me! Know how I know? Because I visualized it, fool!

It’s time for Super Awesome Race Tip #3, ya’ll!!!!

Visiualization. What is it?
A. You picture yourself doing the race.
B. You picture yourself finishing the race.
C. You picture yourself kicking ass in the race.

Personally, I think you’re wasting your time if you bother with anything but C. That’s because the point of visualization is to condition your brain to succeed.

Think about it : you have trained your body, but if your noggin ain’t ready for the joggin’ you risk selling yourself short. Visualizing YOU kicking ASS plants the seeds of doability. When your brain accepts what’s possible, your body is more amenable to doing awesome things.


To help you get started, here’s some visualization strategery that I like to practice:

1. Picture yourself smiling in a crappy situation. You’re likely to have questionable moments during the race. Whatchoo gonna do? If you can see yourself getting through the other side of a kick in the face, a flat tire, or a case of the runs (ew), you’ll handle these with style and grace if they occur.


2. Picture yourself looking awesome! Your seim stroke? Relaxed. Your pedal prowess? Stealthy. Your run down the 26.2 mile catwalk? Chill. Your photo ops? Editorial.

Visualizing great form is an awesome way to get psyched for the race and get the mind body magic flowing.

3. Visualize yourself being surprised by the best ever time on the finish clock. You may not make it, but this is fun. And you never know…..

So get yo visual on and go!


2 thoughts on “What’s That? A Superstar? Yeah ….

  1. OMG you’re hilarious. Your facial expressions are priceless. And now, I must be off to write three papers, read 50 pp, get report cards ready and write lesson plans. Joy of joys. LOL

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