More cheap gift ideas for triathletes!

Make a triathlete happy this Christmas without going broke!

Since my previous post on the matter, I’ve been thinking more and more about how many really great things there are to snag for your favorite multisporter. And with 5 days until Christmas, there’s still time to grab a few. Even better, most of the following fit into stockings (or compression socks) and are great for beginners:

  • Race belt. A huge time-saver in transition, every triathlete needs one. You pin your number on it, so you can grab and go, clasping the belt around your waist on the run. Priced anywhere from $7 for your basic, only-holds-a-number variety, to over $20 for the cushy kind that holds a gel pack and more.
  • Body glide. Basically wax deodorant that prevents chafing but not stinkiness. Starts at around $8
  • Race entries. Races are expensive, yo! Showsome love and spring the $50+ so your honey can race!
  • Cute socks. Even if we have a ton of socks, we love the fun ones, with cats, beer, wine, unicorns, monkey faces, bad words, and anything awesome stiched on. Check out Sock Guy or my favorite, Defeet. $10 and up, usually
  • Flashy things. Anyone who rides a bike needs a flashy red rear light for safety. I don’t care if you never ride in the dark, at some point you’ll be caught in the rain or out at dusk. Be seen, and you’re less likely to end up as road pizza.
  • Tubes. Boring, but useful, we all need tubes because we all get flats. Most triathletes take a 700×23 Presta valve type. $5-8 depending on brand.
  • Speed laces. Shoe tying is so 1995. Speed laces alllow your athlete to slip on the running shoes in seconds flat. This is important. Non-triathletes, trust me. Knotty Boyz, Yanks, and several other brands out there. Start at about $3. Yes, $3

True, none of these are groundbreaking, and chances are more experienced athletes already have most of these. But you should never overlook the basics. And with the exception of the race belt, we either go through, run out of, get bored with, or lose a lot of these.

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