An endurance athlete with a Taking Things Seriously Problem

I love triathlon SO MUCH!!!! It's wicked fun!
I love triathlon SO MUCH!!!! It’s wicked fun!

Hey! I’m Kit. This is a blog about going outside and doing stupid things like running all day and encountering angry sheep and stuff. It’s based on my 20+ years of experience racing triathlon, ultrarunning, solo traveling, and generally playing outside. I’m not a coach.

While I’m no pro, I’ve raced more than 200 races of varying distances and gotten pretty good at understanding what makes athletes tick (as well as what makes them ticked off). I have strong opinions about the whole endurance sports thing, and this blog offers my slightly twisted outlook.

So what you’ll find here are race reports, stories, one-woman gear reviews and commentary, as well as the odd video montage. I am also throwing in travel stuff because I love me an adventure, but I am far too lazy to create a second blog.

Why Should I Read Your Blog?

I like sport. I liked being competitive. As I’ve said before, the podium is more fun than not the podium. But it’s all about having fun. So when you’re here, consider yourself a new buddy of mine, privy to all sorts of good advice and entertaining, irreverent, humor.

Because all in all, while we take our training and racing seriously, it’s equally important to see just how funny swimming, biking, running, and peeing on ourselves while wearing spandex can be.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kit, I’ve read your blog over the last six months since I decided to become a triathlete. I started my own blog about an old fat guy who decided to get into shape and do a triathlon. I finished my first sprint (slowly, but not embarrassingly so) last weekend. I’ve even linked your blog (regarding being “chicked” which happened often). I hope you’re still competing and still blogging. Cheers, J. Kelly McCoy

    1. Hi Mr McCoy, Thank you for reading my blog and following! I haven’t posted in a while (shameful!!)….job changes, computer access, etc. The usual excuses. I am still doing tri’s, mostly off-road these days, and ultra running. I also recently hiked a 100 mile trail in Scotland and really need to tell that story. Best of luck in your triathlon endeavors!

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