My Life Story

…the Exceedingly Condensed Version

Well, you’re here so I will assume you want to know everything about me.

I was born on an unusually warm day in December of ’78. Then it snowed the next day.

I am smart and will get pissed if you insinuate that I am not.

My jobs have included: baking, washing dishes, writing, editing, helping people with writing and editing, selling bikes, transposing Dutch handwriting into Dutch-ish type, making lattes, answering phones, scooping ice cream (that only lasted 3 days though), and making hams look pretty (I’m dead serious – and I enjoyed doing it).

I love cats, running, hiking, biking, triathlon, gymnastics (mostly watching it), Harry Potter, Outlander, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, beer, and coffee.

I am not fond of primates, creamy soups, chicken, politicians, cell phone companies, silver polish, or yard sales.

I grew up in the ATL but you couldn’t pay me to move back there (thanks a lot, urban sprawl). I have traveled to a handful of different countries, and so far Slovenia ties with the Scottish Highlands. I am trying to get better at speaking German, and playing the cello. (Okay, fine, the bagpipes.)

I am pretty nice, but not always a crowd-pleaser. I enjoy life and am lucky to have a killer community.

That’s it!

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