Super Awesome Iron Clad Race Tip

Hey ya’ll! so, I’m doing an iron person in 4 days, so this week is dedicated to gettin’ ready! I’m doing some super awesome things to make sure I kick an acceptable amount of ass, too.

Someday, you too might be doing an iron person, and when that day comes, you’ll thank me for sharing these Super Awesome, Iron Clad Pre Race Tips!

Here’s the first one:

Anti-Taper on Sleep!

Sleep is good, yo. A number of studies show sleep deprivation makes athletes race crappy, and that well rested tri dorks think more clearly and are better equipped to kick maximum ass.


So make like a cat and nap. Or at least tack on an extra hour or two as your taper increases.

Added Bonus: You’ll stay awake for the afterparty to show off your half-faded body markings to the cute bartender with nice eyes.

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