Soak it or it’ll choke you! Your wetsuit, of course!

What did you think I was talking about?

It’s super awesome race tip #2!

Been awhile since you sported the neoprene better than Catwoman herself?

Then make race morning easier and soak your wetsuit a few days prior. Neoprene is happiest when slightly damp, and happy neoprene doesn’t put up such a fight when it’s time for you to wetsuit up!


The particles work like a little sponge, flexible and stretchy when wet, but brittle and uncompliant when totally dry.

That means you’ll have an easier time putting it on, you’ll be less likely to tear your wetsuit, and it’ll feel less like you’re getting a very enthusiastic hug from a monster truck tire.

Here’s what to do:

1. Run a bath of tepid water (less than 78 degrees, for you tri dorks), just enough to submerge old suity.

2. Dunk him and let him chill for about 30 minutes (more is okay).

3. Turn him inside out and hang to dry, out of direct sunlight.

4. Be ready to look totally awesome and not at all spastic prying yourself into your neoprene on race morning!

This has really worked for me, and when I forget to do it, I regret it.

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